Available Rental Spaces

for Businesses at Centre Market


Prime Commercial Rental

Locations in Wheeling, WV

Whether you are looking for one location to get all of your errands done or just a place to spend a weekend afternoon, Centre Market in Wheeling, WV, is the place to go! Our plaza offers many options for those seeking great food, unique antiques, clothing, art and supplies, and more than enough entertainment.

We are also always looking for more business owners to join our community! We have many prime locations available to rent, so call our office today at (304) 234-3878 if you are interested in a great location for your business!


Centre Market Can Help Your Business Thrive!

Whether you have an existing business that would like to move or branch out into franchise, or are a brand-new business owner with a need for a storefront, Centre Market is a great option for you! With thousands of tourists and locals who visit on a daily basis, you can rest assured that your business will be afforded the opportunity to thrive. Our retail spaces are located in the hottest and most popular areas, and are conveniently located next to many major interstates. Local and visitors alike will be able to peruse your business if you rent from Centre Market!


There are many advantages to running your storefront at Centre Market in Wheeling, WV. There is plenty of on- and off-street parking, a large volume of daily foot traffic, and a pleasant environment for your business to thrive. If you are interested in renting a commercial space at Centre Market, contact us today at (304) 234-3878.

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